Technical Writer, Data & Analytics

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Technical Writer, Data & Analytics

Job description

At Soda, we’re on a mission to bring everyone closer to the data. We believe that all stakeholders in data (and we think that’s everyone) should be able to understand it, trust it, and stay on top of it. We are pioneering the fastest-growing category in the data and analytics space: data monitoring (think DataDog for Data). Our platform helps data teams find data issues so they can fix these swiftly when they arise, and before they have a downstream impact. This transparency and ease creates trust - in each other, and in the data. We’re an international team headquartered in Brussels, Belgium (yes, the land of beer pipelines 😅).

As Soda’s technical writer, you are responsible for helping us execute on our content plan, as well as keep an overview of all the technical content that the different teams, like our engineer team, produces (e.g. assist with copy, ensure consistency across all channels, ...).

Your main responsibilities will be to:

  • Further finetune our persona's and use-cases together with our product management team.
  • Develop a deep understanding of our target audience and their interests in relation to our broader space.
  • Interview industry subject matter experts to bring new insights, collect quotes, and ensure we high-quality content.
  • Work with our design team to elaborate on or complement technical writing.
  • Stay on top of the evolution of relevant (open-source) technologies and write about relevant changes.
  • Revise, edit, and update product documentation, as well as all broader technical collateral (e.g. datasheets)
  • Keep up-to-date on technological and product developments as well as all relevant existing open-source technologies.

      Job requirements

      Can you offer?

      • Relevant experience in the data & analytics field as it relates to data analytics, -engineering, -testing, -monitoring, and -cleaning.
      • Experience with common D&A languages like SQL and Python.
      • Eagerness to stay on top of new developments and write about these in an engaging way.
      • Experience in the process of developing technical content (through demonstration of prior work).
      • Proven ability to explain technical concepts in a clear, concise way.
      • Great writing skills and attention to detail.